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 ; Pure Costumes

Provides simple straight forward information and advice
for people who want to become law enforcement officers.


Like 'Twin Peaks,' with more murder. Veterinarian/coroner Russell Coldpalm
and his cop buddies unearth the horrible truth their parents tried to bury in this
dark new comedy that chronicles the serial murders of The Iceman. Is he back
to kill again? In Episode #1, a shadowy figure eliminates his accomplice, drawing the town
coroner/veterinarian, Russell Coldpalm, into a baffling murder investigation.

CriminalJusticeSchoolGuide.com provides people who are interested in pursuing a
career in criminal justice with the information they need to get started. They cover
many different topics including criminal justice degrees, careers, schools, certification
programs and financial aid.

Find some Police Costume ideas
with this collection of Halloween Costumes.

Law Enforcement on Elsevier’s LawOfficer.com
Law Enforcement Equipment on Elsevier’s LawOfficer.com

Law Officer is a highly reputable law enforcement magazine owned and operated by
Elsevier Public Safety. They provide law enforcement news, exclusive online feature articles,
a buyer's guide, and special pages dedicated to every facet of the law enforcement community.

You have the right to remain silent... or you can laugh your ass off!

Tony Lepore, aka The Dancing Cop, plays one of the lead characters, and is having a blast. If you like comedy, and the "Sopranos" you will love this pilot.

Submitted by: Steve Abrams, Deputy Sheriff, Cook County IL.

Mark Kopang's awesome website for Motorcops or police motorcycle enthusiasts.

"CoolCop™-Body Armor Air Conditioning" is an innovative and unique product designed by a police officer in California trying find a simple way to beat the summer time heat and humidity fast!  Visit Ron Baldal's website today.




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