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Last Updated:     Saturday, April 26, 2013

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Police door opening fail


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More Police Photographs Page 2
High police crime area. Got ya! Hmmm. Where's a cop when you need one. Not available in stores. LEO's only. ID required.
The hazards of smoking on the job. Budget cuts. Press harder kid, you're making 4 copies. That's so funny.
The elusive kitty nabbed. Gay cops. Range safety rules. Crazy cops.
Dress down Friday. Cop Cup. A demonstrator gets a little carried away. You can't be driving around with bald tires buddy.
Come on guys, it's for a new PAL center. Really. Possession is 99 percent of the law. Don't let the kids see this. Drive through window?
Nice uniforms. Think the cops scared the crap out of this guy. Some days it just doesn't pay to go to work. Good advice.
.Bad cop. Time out. You and your bright ideas. Police Snowmobile License, registration and phone number please.
Back off or I'll shoot. The Jail Bird. No helmet laws are strictly enforced. Can't outrun the Italian State Police Full story
Cop in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now that's a real piggy back ride. There's one on every police force. Must be the Vice Squad.
Fun vending machine in South Africa. Don't laugh, it slows down traffic. So many assholes. Not enough bullets. Funny warning sign.
Cover me. Never a dull moment. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Introducing the Catmobile.
A couple of Anchorage cops hamming it up. LAPD gets new patrol car. Siesta Time. Storm trooper
What a real dummy. Siesta time again. Check out the exhaust pipe location.
Some Russian cops. No caption necessary. EVERYBODY! Hands on the wall. Police hats make great sun blocks. Police are experimenting with drug sniffing pigs.
Never pass up a good photo opp. Police flasher. We Bad. We Bad. Dress down Fridays.
Winter fun. Mr. T. OWNED by police. He really hates that band.
I smell bacon. What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? ... What, no donuts! Bagels are in. There's a new Sheriff in town!
Police set up road block to stop high speed  wheelchair chase after spike strips failed. The Wayland Police Happy Cruiser The Royal Canadian Police crackdown on jaywalkers. Beached whale.
Check out the shirt logo. Same colors and typeface as Dunkin Donuts. Hmmm! What nice tropical plants. You can't get these at Home Depot. Chick magnet. Suicide caught on film.

More Police Photographs Page 2